03 Mar 2014 // #9: Doolin

I took a video, but the internet is a bit spotty for me to upload it to YouTube, so you'll just have to live with pictures for now. 


I took the bus from Galway to Doolin today and immediately had to go out for a walk. The weather was clear, although windy and chilly, but still perfect for a dander.

I'm a sucker for crashing waves, so I just sat and watched for a while. It helped that I did not at all feel rushed or anything either -- I could just sit and reflect. And reflect I did... at one point I put in my headphones (something I haven't really done at all when I'm out and about) and listened to Hillsong's Cornerstone song on repeat. 

Listening to this: 


while staring at this: 


and relishing in the amazing grace, soveriegnty and mightyness of the Creator. 

Seriously, is there anything better than that? 

One more pictture with dramatic effect: