An Unexpected Day

I'm supposed to be curled up in a sleeping bag right now. In a sleeping bag in a cabin in the mountains in Goldbar, Washington. But instead, I'm curled up in a blanket on the comfiest couch known to man two hours west of Goldbar in Seattle, Washington. 

I had an unexpected change of plans, due to a pesky sore throat, which led me to an unexpected day of having zero plans and zero expectations. And honestly, it's felt like one of the best days I've had in some time! 

In case you're interested (which you probably aren't), here's the gist of what I did today: 

8:25am :: woke up
8:45am - 10:25 am :: watched two episodes of What Not to Wear on TLC (trash, yes. entertaining? absolutely.)
10:30am :: got out of bed
10:45am :: made breakfast consisting of sauteed kale + broccoli topped with two poached eggs
11:30am :: made a list of things to accomplish today with my roommate
1:15pm :: completed everything on my list (not this list though)
1:30pm :: watched a video about Travel Hacking (i.e. earning frequent flyer miles)
4:30pm :: made lunch/dinner of carnitas and kale chips
6:00pm :: read a few chapters in the book, The Art of Non-Conformity (also here)
8:30pm :: baked these cookies (and proceeded to eat too many of them)
9:30pm :: watched two episodes of The West Wing (why is that show so addicting?)
10:45pm :: wrote this blog post
11:00pm :: watched the latest episode of Scandal

Admittedly, today involved a lot more TV (or computer) watching than normally happens on any given day in my life, but that's what made it a truly relaxing day! I had the freedom to get what I needed done and take periods of time to not feel guilty about some guilty pleasures (and I'm fully aware that What Not To Wear and Scandal are full-on guilty pleasures. The West Wing, on the other hand, is just good television.). But at the same time, it was a great day because my housemates and I were just living life together. We were all doing our own thing without the need to talk, or even really interact. It was a comfortable silence that marked the pleasure of each others' company without any awkardness in coexisting. And that is just a pleasure.

Since I was supposed to get back from camping late tomorrow, I have another day with no plans. What will that entail? If it's anything like today, it'll be pretty great.  

How was your Saturday? What you expected?