What better way to celebrate Hump Day?

It’s Wednesday. It feels like it should be later in the week, but I’ll take Wednesday. On this particular Wednesday morning, I didn’t wake up thinking I’d be booking a flight to Kansas in December for $90, but that’s exactly what I did!

Remember the days when you’d see a good deal on a flight, and you’d frantically try to get a hold of whoever you want to visit to see if those dates and times work for them? There’d be a period of waiting, going back and forth, and then finally making the huge decision to push “purchase.” All the while hoping the price hasn’t gone up? Am I the only one that used to do that? Yes? Okay. Moving on.

With all my travel plans and my desire to save as much money as possible, I decided it wouldn’t work out to see my immediate family for Thanksgiving or Christmas. Spending $600 in airfare just wasn’t going to happen. However, I got an email from Southwest that they were running a sale in which fare prices are based on the amount of miles you’re traveling ($49 for 0-500 miles, $99 for 501-1,000, etc), and a one-way ticket to Kansas City was $129 each way. Well, I had to check that out.

I did notice the dates were pretty limited and of course, weren’t for Thanksgiving or Christmas. I chose the first weekend in December, just to have a look-see (as my dad would say). As I was perusing the flight options, wishing I could justify the $300 to see them, I saw that I could use miles for this flight, and there was a potential that I’d be able to cover one way with the miles I currently had. So I clicked on it and it’d be about 11,500 miles roundtrip. But I only had close to 9,000. Hmm. Well, I’ll click purchase just to see what happens and I was directed to a page to buy more miles. I didn’t even know you could do that! I’d be able to buy 3,000 miles for $82.50. With the taxes, etc, my total would be exactly $90 out of pocket. What?!

Of course the next step was texting Rebekah immediately, asking “so, I’m not completely sure I can do this, but there’s a chance I can get to Kansas City before Christmas and it’d only cost me about $100. You free Wed, Dec. 4 - Sun, Dec. 8?” She immediately responded with “Wha?! You bet!”

Done and done. I sent her the itinerary, she double checked her calendar (and then I checked mine to make sure I didn’t have anything going on!), and I booked it. With a few finger swipes, mouse clicks, text messages and an email, I found a flight, confirmed with my sister, and booked a flight all within about 15 min. Ah, technology. I love ya sometimes (okay, most times). And it only 90 bones! Since I don’t fly Southwest all that much anymore (how is it they have a nonstop to Kansas City from Seattle, but not one to San Diego?!) and none of my flights in 2014 will be domestic (!), I didn’t feel bad using up all my miles -- they may have been used up for something, right?!

Anyway, I’m stoked for this mini vacation to see my sister, brother-in-law, nieces and nephews. And I love that it was unexpected!

And while Rebekah and I were chatting, she sent me this video:

Man, it gets me every.single.time. I can’t just watch it once. So.funny.

Now if only every hump day involved booking a flight to see family!