To Do List // Apply for Ireland Volunteer Program

On Tuesday, I sent in my application to the volunteer program in Ireland. I was thinking I'd have a little more fanfare with it--I mean, this is big, right?! I'm applying to a program that will allow me to stay in Ireland for 11 weeks--but there was no fanfare. Just me dropping by the post office, getting a tracking number, and the USPS taking it from there. But it was kind of a load off my shoulders. Since I'm basically basing my trip off this experience, it's kind of a big deal.

Although I do feel as if I'm already accepted. But who knows. It's completely out of my hands. I've been in talks with my Outreach Coordinator and she did mention that they really the main reasons they don't take people is if they have troubling things on their background check or something medically that would prohibit them. So unless someone committed murder under my identity or my thyroid disease is enough to keep me out, I should be okay.  

And if I'm not? Well, I do have a little bit of a contingency plan if needed. I'll share that after I find out though.  

But in the meantime, I get to cross something off my To Do List!

Create Website

Apply to Spain Program

Medical Release Form for Ireland

Apply to Ireland Program w/ deposit

Confirm dates for India

Figure out dates for Indonesia

Send Jon info on Send Off Date

Send group invite for Send Off Date

Complete + Send India Visa Application

Send out donation letter for India

Book flights to India + Indonesia

Book Indonesia Internal Flight

Book Ireland Flight

Book flight to Spain

Book hotel in Spain for first night

Book first night in Ireland

Confirm visitors’ dates

Buy Chromebook

Create list of places to see in Ireland

Send final payment for Ireland program

Send out thank you letters for India

Get traveler’s insurance

Get Charles Schwab bank account

Follow up on vaccinations for India

Find roommate for house

Email landlords for deposit information

File taxes

Garage sale?

Get loan from BECU?

Figure out Mom’s trip

Give two weeks notice

Figure out prescription

Move stuff to Tip + Jaelithe’s

Move stuff to Brent + Christy’s

Cancel car + renter’s insurance

Transfer cable to roommates

Take name off bills

Put cell phone on hold