Dream // The Ferry

I had my first travel-related dream the other night. It was so vivid and so frustrating that I wouldn’t be surprised if I was talking and ‘running’ in my sleep. I had been looking at packing lists and starting to think about the type of bag I plan on taking, etc, so I think this had a bit of an influence on my psyche!

The place I was staying was close to the ferry terminal in Seattle. So close that I could literally look out my window and see the cars loading onto the ferry below me. I was going on a trip, and I was expected to be on that ferry in the terminal. My family was in town and yet already on the ferry without me, whereas I was running late and hadn’t at all packed for the trip.

I was trying to pack up, but just when I thought I was all packed and start to head down the stairs, I’d remember something I forgot, and run back up to try to find what I needed (a jacket, my cosmetics kit, my shoes, etc -- each item requiring a separate trip up and down the stairs as I remembered them individually). This happened many, many times.

I could see the cars starting to load up onto the ferry. Based on the line up, I knew I had a little bit of time, but the ferry was already running 20 minutes late and I hadn’t bought my ticket yet. Finally I thought I was done, but then once again, as I was going down the stairs, I remembered something else I forgot. Continually I thought I was ready only to be reminded of one more thing that I must have on this trip.

While this was happening, as I was struggling to get everything in, I had a firm grip on my phone because surely my family was worried about me and was wondering where I was. I kept glancing down at the screen to see if I missed something. Why weren’t they worried about me?

I was getting so frustrated and more frantic with each passing second. I was on the verge of tears cramming things into my backpack -- pleading with them to just fit in the bag as I frantically looked out the window hoping the ferry wouldn’t start to pull away. A large SUC, the last car to make it on, was just pulling onto the dock to be loaded. I took one last look out my window at the ferry as I finally ran down the stairs for the last time. Tears streaking down my face as I hoped upon hope I’d make the trip. Finally, as I descended the stairs, I got texts from my family wondering what happened and whether I was going to make it in time.

I woke up before finding out whether I made it on the ferry. I said aloud to myself:

I like to think I made it.

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