My Little Corner

Welcome to my little corner of the world wide web. You’ve come to the very start of this Sojourner’s Narrative. We’ll discover together what it means to live into the story before us--the stories we create and the stories created for us.

I’m excited for the months ahead as I prepare for a pilgrimage of sorts. This here site will be a narrative of my preparations as well as the sojourning set to take place in 2014 (and beyond).

The journey to the beginning looks to be full of wonderings and wanderings. I’ll ask questions, share thoughts, express fears, and relate stories as I prepare for the next season.

I’d love for you to join me on this adventure. And since I’m all about community and connection, please leave comments on blog posts when you feel so led.

A few tips to help you find your way around:

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  • To learn more about me (and why this site is called A Sojourner’s Narrative), go here.
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  • I’ll be sharing pictures from my travels here (and also here).
  • I’ll be keeping a video diary of sorts; my ramblings will be on my blog, but also compiled here. (I've already posted a few, so check them out! And don't judge for my poor videography skills, please.)

I hope you’ll stay awhile and be back often.