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I signed in to my web site and realized that I had only posted five posts (5!) since the end of June. What?! How is that even possible? I need want to update more, so I'm striving to update at least once a week, even if it's just some pictures. So, along that thread, below are some pictures from my phone (nothing fancy here).

This has been an 'alone' week. It's not necessarily a bad thing, but my people interaction has been kind of slim. I had Sunday through Wednesday off from the shops, so I got some work done, and went to the library to work in order to get out of the house. Then I took a bus to Killarney on Wednesday in order to work in that shop for Thursday through Saturday. I'm staying at my friend Beth's place while she's selling at a conference in Cork. So, I'm in the shop on my own, and then head home to her cottage. (Hence the last picture of this post.)

Here's the thing -- any personality test I take that ranks whether I'm an introvert or an extrovert, I'm always (al.ways.) 50/50. Or maybe 49/51. I'm straight down the middle with being an introvert and an extrovert. My family (especially my extended family) may find this inaccurate as I've always been known as the 'shy' one. But it is true. I'm equal parts introvert and extrovert, so a week of being alone isn't a bad thing for me. but my extrovert is rearing up to get out, so I'm hoping I'll have a little more human interaction in the next couple days otherwise this week may go from an 'alone' week to a 'lonely' week, which is a completely different beast.

Anyway, enough with this personality/feelings stuff! Here are some pictures! Again, these are just iPhone shots, with no editing (unless there's a filter from Instagram) or anything... Just a little view into my week.

On the bus to Killarney. I had fallen asleep on the bus and woke up just in time to see this:


Killarney is getting ready for Christmas! (and there's a rainbow!)


Cherry House in Killarney National Park:


The shop is all ready for Christmas... I'm loving it!


A night in... I'm filling in for Beth in our Killarney shop for a couple days, so I living in her little cottage... a great night in -- wine, Gilmore Girls, a fire, and some work. Not a bad way to spend an evening.


Until next time...