And the list making starts again.

I am loving my time in Ireland. I mean, uh, hello!

What's not to love, right? It's going to be really, really, really hard to leave this amazing place. 

However, I have come to the part of this journey where I have to plan the other aspects of my travel time. I've been putting it off because it's a tad overwhelming, but different things--mainly needing to communicate with people when I'll be where--has forced me to put planning into high gear.

The list making is out.of.control. and will be until I get back to Seattle. Then a whole other set of lists will start as I determine what the heck I'll be doing when I get back. But I am definitely not thinking about that whole work thing at all right now. (Okay, that's not completely true -- I do have an idea what I'll do when I get back, but I've given it up to God, so it's in his court to mess up all my plans, as He is prone to do... a post about my thoughts will come soon enough.)

So, here's where I stand for my time after Ireland... holy smokes. See why I'm overwhelmed?!

  • Leave Ireland ( :-( ) for Munich May 28 (plane booked, lodging needed)
  • Travel to Nuremberg May 30 (need train ticket, staying with Micki)
  • Fly to Barcelona June 2 (flight booked, need lodging)
  • Head to Madrid June 5 (train ticket needed, lodging booked)
  • Volunteer outside of Madrid June 8 to June 13 (all expenses paid, lodging taken care of)
  • Stay in Madrid June 13 (lodging needed)
  • ???? June 14 - June 18 (plans needed)
  • Make way to Dublin June 18 (lodging needed)
  • Pick up Reb from Dublin airport(!) June 19 (lodging booked)
  • Pick up Anna and Mom from Dublin airport(!) June 20 (lodging booked)
  • Travel around Ireland June 20 - June 27 (lodging and transport booked)
  • Fly to Paris with Mom June 27 (flight and lodging booked)
  • Train to Amsterdam July 1 (train booked, lodging needed)
  • Fly to Edinburgh July 4 (flight booked, lodging needed)
  • Fly to Dublin July 7 (flight needed, lodging needed)
  • Fly to Chicago July 8 (9 hour layover to see Becky and Jen!)
  • Fly to San Diego July 8 (lodging booked -- Anna/Jim and/or Mom, empty your guest room!) 
  • Drive to Park City, Utah for family reunion July 13
  • A) Drive to Seattle July 21 or B) Fly to Atlanta July 21 to see Ruth/Scott
  • For sure be in Seattle by the end of July (lodging needed)


I am not at all posting this list to brag or complain, though! I know I am incredibly blessed to be able to take this time to see the world. But it is a bit overwhelming to make sure I have all the pieces in place, and navigate the different resources -- not all of which are in English -- to plan this trip. 

It's been absolutely amazing so far and I'm looking forward to the next leg of the journey. However, I still have six weeks left in Ireland and I am going to enjoy that as much as I can!

I need a pint!