As promised ... pictures!!

There's really no proof that I'm in Ireland unless I show you pictures, right!? I mean, for all you know, I could be making up these stories and actually be in Vancouver or something.  Well, the proof is in the pudding pictures. 

Let's start off with my few days in Dublin:

Custom House, which was about two blocks from my hostel:


Trinity College and the Old Library:

Guinness Storehouse: 

(cool enough, this picture is straight off the camera!)

And for my second drink of the day, the Jameson Whiskey Distillery:

Just a small little tasting:

Now on to Belfast:

Belfast Castle: 

Belfast City Hall:

Best house on the block, apparently: 

Giants Causeway

The sun was to the west (in the process of setting) and there were major shadows and light variations throughout the hour I was there, hence the crazy differences in light going on below!!



Proof I was actually there -- me and my bright blue shoes!

And the reason I was glad I left when I did... school field trip:

Having fun with some filters ... dark and broody:

There we have it! My first week in Ireland as seen by my camera (and phone)! 

Oh, and here's real honest to goodness proof I'm here: