So this is kinda cool ... When planning my places to stay, I had not at all done any research as to where a good church might be. I booked the place solely based on location to a bus/train station, the price, and reviews. However, here's something interesting: 

  • Dublin: Grace Church (based on a friend's recommendation) was a five minute walk from my hostel. 
  • Galway: Galway Christian Fellowship (found by doing a Google search) was literally two doors down from the house I was staying. 
  • Cork: Cork Baptist Church (found through Google) was about a two minute walk from my hostel. 

I had already booked my hostel in Dublin when my friend suggested this church, so I was surprised when I saw the location. I had already booked my house in Galway when I did the google search for Galway Baptist churches and the same goes for the Cork church. I wasn't even really looking for churches near the hostels. I was fully prepared to have a long walk or take the bus. 

Anyway, that's random, but I thought it was kinda cool. 

All the churches were lovely, and it was cool to worship with people across the world. I think I'll go back to the Cork church next week, I really enjoyed the teaching and the people were welcoming. 

I can't believe I've been here for three Sundays already though! Time is going to fly by!