How I Came to This Conclusion

So, now that my bigger networks know of my plans for 2014, I thought I'd repost something I wrote back in September when I decided to embark on this adventure. Welcome, new comers! I hope you take a look around and follow along with me as I begin this journey and embrace the unknown!

A Mouth + A Heart to Feed

So often we hear the phrase:

We have mouths to feed.

It’s a common phrase when one is looking and evaluating a change, especially in terms of a change of income. I can’t take this xyz job with the lower salary because we have mouths to feed. We shouldn’t take this abc trip because we have mouths to feed.

The problem with this phrase is that it only looks at the practical and negates the desire, the possibility and the unknown. It forces the road most traveled. The should instead of the want to. The responsibility instead of the adventure.

But, what about feeding the heart too? For the past 10 years, I’ve had one mouth to feed [mine], and I’ve done a pretty good job at it. I took the higher paying job without really looking at whether it’ll be a good fit for me and my goals. I’ve contributed faithfully into my 401k and IRA. I’ve lived on a strict budget in order to get out of debt.

These are not bad things, but at what expense did this happen? I was responsible and practical in feeding my mouth, meanwhile my heart was starving. Its cravings were being ignored. I’ve been squelching the possibilities of my desires for the practicality of security. And these 10 years, while lovely, have left me wanting more and asking the question ‘is this really all there is?’ ‘Is my life destined to be working a 9-5 job with zero sense of spontaneity?’

My answer was ‘No, it can’t be.’

I’m turning the tides. 2014 is going to be the year where I take time–legitimate time–to feed my heart. Pausing my ‘career’ [if I could call it that] to explore my desires. The top of the list being to live abroad, more specifically to live in Ireland. I’ll be wandering some, volunteering some, but living in a country that has intrigued me since high school. My two visits there in years past have only strengthened the desire to make its green beauty more of my story.

My 401(k), job path and life’s responsibilities can wait. They have to wait. My hope is that by feeding my heart for a while, I’ll discover a better way to live life’s responsibilities, to feed my mouth without starving my heart again.

I couldn’t be more excited.

And because it’s been long neglected and undernourished, my heart couldn’t be more excited to be cared for, fed, and filled to the brim.