I made it!

While the majority of you were sleeping, I was on an adventure. I took this puppy for my first solo ride to Killarney. And I made it!

In case you forgot my angst and worry over this endeavor, revisit my first experience here.

Yesterday, Beth was working in Killarney and had driven the Burlingo. Being nervous about my own impending solo trip, I decided to buy a one-way bus ticket to Killarney and then drive back with Beth to get the real feel of the Killarney road.

After having to run to get the bus (Bus Eireann was not my friend yesterday), I made it to Killarney and was hoping I'd make it back to Blarney in one piece. God was gracious that day as I had very few instances of defeat and we made it back safely. I did have an issue with thinking I was putting in second when I had actually slipped it in fourth. But, overall, I did quite well. Beth was sure I'd be fine on my own.

I left Illen House (my home) at 10am this morning to make my way, slowly, methodically, to Killarney. It's a Bank Holiday today, so the shop opened at 12noon, instead of the usual 10am. I took the back roads, but somehow missed a turn (no surprise), so I didn't end up on the main dual carriageway, but the Route 618. The route, I realized too late, that Beth had mentioned yesterday that she doesn't like driving because it's really windy. When someone who's been driving in Ireland for seven years says she doesn't like a road, you heed her advice and stay far away from it!

I wish I could have seen my own face when I realized the road I was on! "OH NO! OH NO! Okay, I'm doing this', I said to myself, 'Lord, keep me safe!' My prayers have not been that fervent in about five years! Overall that road was fine as there weren't many people on the road. And it really was a beautiful ride, albeit a bit curvy. I have to laugh/inwardly cringe when I see a sign that says SEVERE BENDS, because if the Irish think it's curvy, then it's currrvvvy!  

I had one issue as I was to merge from R618 onto the N22. I had to stop on a small incline, and due to the vehicle not having any side windows besides the passenger window, I had to unbuckle and scoot way forward in my chair to see if there was any traffic coming. I ended up putting on my hazards to tell the people behind me to go around, and then slowly got into traffic. But as I went, I just said "please, Jesus, please Jesus!!" and I was okay -- but I may have burned a little rubber and sputtered a bit on the way.

All in all, my journey went well. It won't be the last time I make the trip, and I'm sure my prayers will continually be fervent as I wind my way between Killarney and Blarney. But for now, I'll count this trip a SUCCESS! Now I just have to make my way back tonight!