It's official.

Yesterday was another big change in that I moved out of my house. The new housemate moves in on Sunday, and I'll be completely out Thursday. It's so strange to technically not have a place to live.  I had my first dose of reality on Monday after my last day of work when I came home and the furniture in my living room was rearranged. While seemingly not a big deal, especially for me who usually likes rearranging furniture every so often, it was a shock in that it was the first tangible thing that told me that my life was changing. That my house isn't going to be my house anymore. When I come back to visit, I'll be sleeping on the couch and not in my downstairs room. Admittedly I did get emotional about the furniture, but it was deeper than a rearranged room. It was more the fact that things are going to be happening here and I'm not going to be a part of them. And that's a tough realization to face. Something I'll have to face often when I hear about my friends are having experiences without me. But as my friend, Tip, continually reminds me, I'll be having a lot of new experiences too (a lot cooler ones, too! His words, not mine!)! And I know that -- I just have to remind myself of it now and again. 

Anyway, back to the moving. 

It all fit! Phew! My dear friends, Tip and Jaelithe, have a house about an hour south of Seattle that they are renting out. Since this house is in the country, they, of course, have a big garage! And it happened to have some extra space in it. This all worked out great for me, as I needed the space and they were willing to give it to me for free. Done. Not only did I use Tip for his garage space, but I also used him for his gigantic truck. I'm not sure if it's a testament to how much shit I got rid of, or the size of Tip's truck, but we got it all loaded in one trip! I really did pare down my stuff (and I didn't have to take my couch since that's staying in the house--on loan, since it's the best couch ever and I'm never getting rid of it). After a trip down and back, we were done and my room was empty. So strange! 

After moving, I allowed myself a relaxing night where I actually watched a movie on Netflix, something I haven't allowed myself to do in quite a while. But because of that, it was a nose-to-the-grindstone day for me. I got a ass-ton of stuff done, which was so great and such a relief. I know you don't care about this, but I'm going to share it anyway because I'm proud of how much I accomplished!

Load up car for goodwill 10:30 chiro appt Clothes to consignment Grocery store to use Coinstar machine (got $90!) Drugstore for airplane snacks Library to pay library fees  Bank to deposit cash Trader Joes Car load to the Goodwill (yep, a whole car load!) Target Best Buy Kinkos Grocery store Phone store to try to unlock my phone Home for an hour to figure out final bill stuff with roommate Start cleaning room Post office to ship package of summer clothes to CA for July Walk while talking to my bro Another trip to drugstore   5:30 home with friends to play one of the best and most random games ever

Busy, busy day! And my legs are feeling it. According to my pedometer, I walked more than 5 miles today!! Wowza. 

And with that said, I am literally falling asleep at my keyboard. And because of that, there may be many grammatical errors in this post - I apologize in advance. (But only for this post, other times, unless specifically acknowledged, it's inexcusable.)  I'll try to check in quick before I head onto my flight to India!