Jet Lag, you punk

Well, it’s almost 6am and I’ve gotten about 30 minutes of sleep since going to bed at 10pm and turning off the light at around 11pm. Great. The 30 minutes I did get around 2am seemed to have acted as a power nap.

I’m usually not one to have trouble sleeping, but of course, jet lag is another issue. I tried all my usual tricks to no avail. I had slept from midnight to noon yesterday, and felt good the rest of the day (once I got moving), so I thought a solid night’s sleep was in my future. Alas, it was not meant to be.

As they say in Ireland and the UK, I’m going to be knackered tomorrow…er… today.

However, I did have a good afternoon yesterday. I saw where I’m going to live! It’s not the best of rooms, and by far, it’s not the largest of rooms, but I think it’ll be a good fit. It is an answer to my prayers actually – it’s cheap, and it has a built in community. There are also a few Christians in the house that go to the church I plan on going to. The location is really good, too. I won’t be able to walk to work as I was hoping, but there is a bus that’ll be pretty much door to door. Overall, it’s a huge answer to prayer. I move in on Wednesday morning before heading to Killarney to see Beth with some friends!

So yeah, overall, things are going well here in Ireland! I feel at home again. Now if only my body will get used to the time zone, I’ll be all set.

Until next time, xoxo --rvp