Overdue ...

I've changed things up! A new season, a new layout! 


This post is long overdue. I've been back in Ireland for more than two weeks now, and I've done one post about jet lag. Unacceptable! Just kidding, I'm really not beating myself up about it.

I could say that I've been living such an amazing life here, and who has time to blog?! Well, unfortunately, that's not quite the case. I feel like my life is normal. It's not at all a bad thing -- it is a good thing, it's just a normal thing. I just happen to be living it in Cork! I've fallen right back into my routine (for the most part) and it honestly feels as if I hadn't left. Some things are different, yes, but overall, it feels like it did in May.

I don't feel much like a 'sojourner' anymore as Cork has quickly become 'home' once again. I'll always be seen as an outsider due to my accent -- when people ask where I'm from and I say 'the States' they usually give me that 'uh, yeah, I knew that already' look, but for the first time in almost a year, I'm feeling settled ... ish.

I may or may not still have a cardboard box acting as a night stand, and I have yet to get a wardrobe in my room, but I am feeling settled. I've decided on the church I'm going to attended, I'm continually praying God will provide dear friends and a richer community, I love the shop I work at, and my freelance work looks to be sustaining... life is good.

BUT I am incredibly blessed. I know that and I'll continue to relish in the blessings God is bestowing on me, and hopefully I'll turn around and be a blessing to others. That's my life's goal at least...