Technical Difficulties

I had some a lot of technical difficulties this week. First off, my website was all jacked up. It was linking to the wrong site for a few days, then it was up, but only the home page, then the comments weren't working. SO, after about 3.5 hours with tech support (not all at once, thankfully), we got it figured out. There was even a little while on Sunday when I thought I had lost my site--and all its contents--completely. F words were flowing by that point. This website thing is giving me a run for my money! It's all set now, but with that said, my subscribers didn't get the update on my last post ... so here ya go:

Appreciating the End

Updates and the website as a whole should be back to normal now. (If you want to get updates by email, fill in your email address in the box up to the right.)

My second technical difficulty isn't completely figured out yet, but I have options and hope to get it sorted out before I leave for India. It's just a last minute change of plans as to where I'll be keeping my car. Not a huge deal, but threw a little wrench in my original plans. And then my third of the week, I got figured out, but it included several emails back and forth with my first hotel in India. It turns out I should have booked an extra night since my flight comes in so early in the morning (02:35), and I also wanted to make sure my airport shuttle was figured out. It again, wasn't a big deal, but just another thing that didn't go quite as expected.

I'm to the point where I'm getting overwhelmed with all I have to do, but also look at the list and just don't want to do any of it. There aren't any quick to-dos, but things that take time, energy and brain power... not much of which I have lately. I've also gone out a lot this week and haven't been home much, so that's not really helping the situation. Just to give perspective, I've eaten out for four lunches and all five dinners this week (two dinners were homemade, but not by me nor were they eaten at my house). Lots of getting together with various people, which has been lovely and amazing and makes me feel super, duper loved. However, it doesn't make the things I need to get done at home actually get done! And getting together with friends is always better than to-do lists!!

Things are good overall though -- I'll have a post about ending work next week as well as moving out of my house. It's a big week next week and I'm trying to enjoy, reflect, and appreciate its significance.