The countdowns are in full swing.

I have an app. It's a very specific app for one very specific purpose.

To count down.

Enter any date and it'll count down the days for you. Psst... I'll let you in on a little secret. Countdowns are Yes, terrifying. Once you start one, once you place a date on something, you can't really take it back, you can't really stop it -- time just keep ticking and the numbers get smaller and smaller. How do I have 92 days until I leave for Ireland!? and uh, hello, 46 days until I walk into my boss' office and tell him I'm quitting? That's only a month and a half away! Yikes!

But, I think there's a song out there that croons Time Marches On, so I'll have to suck it up and indeed, march on. There's lots to do, and only so much time to get it done. But honestly, I'm stoked. I get more and more excited as the days pass, and only a little bit more overwhelmed as the clock ticks. The excitement trumps the overwhelmed feelings at this point, so I'm going to relish in that.

Before any more time passes, I'll mention the change in venue around here. If you've been following since this site's inception (a mere two months), you'll notice a change in the way things look. I've done a little work the last few weeks (hence the lack of posts) and changed web site platforms. Why the change? Well, I was beginning to realize that the host/website creator I was using was way more than I needed. While it was great [if you have a business, I highly recommend] and I loved the design and interface, it was a little too powerful and a little too expensive for my little blog.

So, I switched to WordPress. I transferred over my domain name, saved some cash, and although a few tears of frustration were shed, overall it'll be better. I'll continue to make improvements and make it my own, too, so some more changes are in the works.

Keep coming back for more -- or if anything, come back to witness some meltdown of some sort as the countdowns get closer and closer to zero. It's bound to happen that a post in the near future will be... uh, just kidding, I'm crazy. I'm not doing this!

In which case, you'll have to talk me down from the ledge and ship me off to Ireland.

I'll thank you for it eventually.

Oh, and I updated the Me page, if you want to take a gander.