There's a Jerry Seinfeld sketch on one of his stand-up albums about how the thumbs are the last things to fall asleep. They'll continue to push the remote control buttons, stopping at inane commercials and whatnot ... they just don't want to stop. I'm experiencing this, first hand. I don't have remote control like Jerry speaks of, but rather I have my phone. Lately, it's been impossible to There's really no excuse for it. I get distracted and the thought of actually getting up and getting ready for bed is too much -- I just can't be bothered.

I should impose a new rule for myself that no phone after 10pm. It'll have to start tomorrow though, because it's already close to midnight.

Oh well... I'm a child (albeit an older child) of the information age, and my thumbs tend to like it.

With that being said, I'm turning this off and going to sleep.

Good night.