To Do List // A Few Items Checked Off

To do

I'm slowly making progress on my to-do list. The countdowns [see the right column] are ever decreasing though, so it's time I kick things into high gear!

First off, though, a follow up to To Do List // Apply to Ireland Volunteer Program. I am officially accepted into the program! The dates had to change a little bit, mainly moved up a week, due to some scheduling issues on their end, but I'm good to go and all set! I'll be a volunteer for 11 weeks, from March 10 to May 25. Wahoo!

Okay, now to the list:

Confirm dates for India There was some discussion about where we'd be doing the clinics this year and when exactly we'd be going. Here's what the itinerary is looking like:

Jan 23-26: Travel and Taj Majal Jan 26-Feb 01: Clinics

Figure out dates for Indonesia These dates were up in the air until the India dates were figured out, so once those were nailed down, I talked with Elana and got the trip planned! I'll be in Indonesia from Feb 02 to Feb 12. Now to figure out what we're all going to do while I'm there!

Send Jon info for send off / Send group invite for send off I'm combining two in one here. I'm having a small send off with some of my Seattle friends [mainly the ones who got me into this whole thing in the first place!], so I am in the process of organizing that. The first step was inviting my peeps, and I got that sent off this week.

Send out donation letter for India. Some people had asked whether I was going to be asking for donations for my India trip, since it is a missions trip. I decided I would in case some people did want to donate. I sent that out a week or two ago. If you're interested in contributing [no pressure at all though!], shoot me an email.

Book flights for India + Indonesia My flights are booked! After some back and forth and many hours [ugh!] figuring out the best way to get from Seattle to Delhi, then Delhi to Semarang, Indonesia, and then from Semarang back to Seattle was quite a feat! It was frustrating and confusing at some points -- dang you military time! -- but I got it worked out and my flight is officially booked. Here's what it looks like:

Seattle to Dubai, United Arab Emirates [layover] Dubai to Delhi, India Delhi to Maduria, India [to do the travel clinics] Maduria to Delhi Delhi to Dubai [layover] Dubai to Jakarta [overnight layover] Jakarta to Semarang, Indonesia Semarang to Jakarta [layover] Jakarta to Dubai [layover] Dubai to Seattle

I know, right?! Wow. Lots of plane time! This trip alone may be enough for me to invest in some noise canceling headphones.

P.S. You can't even imagine how much I want to book a long layover in Dubai! AH, I'd love to spend time in that amazing city! However, as a single, white female traveling alone, I realize it's not the most realistic of dreams.

Confirm visitor's dates I'm going to have visitors! When I'm in Ireland, my mom and oldest sister are planning on coming out to visit! I am very, very excited and hopefully I'll have some cool places in Ireland to show them. Rebekah [my sister] will only be out for a week, so the three of us will be trapesing around Ireland. Then she'll head back to Kansas and my mom and I will head to Paris and the Netherlands to do some exploring. They'll be coming at the end of June to early July, so at the very end of my adventures. 

Buy tablet Well, technically, I've bought two tablets now. I mentioned in the last post that I bought a Samsung tablet, but after a few days using it, I'm not completely sold. So, I ordered an iPad through Best Buy [got major bonus miles by booking through American Airlines Shopping program -- yay for free miles!], and should be getting it in the next little bit. I'm going to do a side-by-side comparison to figure out which best serves my needs. I know I'll like the iPad since I have an iPhone, but I'm not ruling out the Samsung all together yet. Plus I have until the 15th of January to return them, so I'll just have to make a decision by then. Ultimately though, I think the iPad will be the answer to what I'm looking for. 

Follow up on vaccinations for India. I had mentioned this in a previous post a while ago, and indeed I did have to get two vaccines, and two prescriptions for my trips to Asia. I got my Hep A/B booster and typhoid shots. Then I got malaria medication [which I was super thankful to have insurance for! I needed 28 pills and the NP said they may be as much as $5 a pill! What?! But I went to Target to pick them up and all they asked for was the $20 copay.] and I got an anti-diarrheal prescription in case my body completely revolts [this is the stuff you take after the Imodium doesn't work! Yikes.]. I didn't have any issues with diseases my last trip, and I'll be just as careful this trip so I don't end up with Dengue fever, which unfortunately I don't have a vaccine for! But this particular fever is known as bone-breaking fever, because it literally feels like your bones are breaking! No thank you! I'll be slathering on the bug spray. I am thankfully not going in malaria season [apparently], so I should be okay, but I will be careful, nonetheless. I don't want to be diagnosed with malaria or anything right as I'm leaving for Ireland!

Email landlords for deposit information I broke the news to my landlords about my leaving, and got information regarding the deposit and all that jazz. I'm really hoping it's a smooth transition with my moving and with someone new moving in [that person is still yet to be determined, unfortunately].

There we have it! It feels so good to have those things knocked off the list. The next one I have to work on is my flight to Ireland... I'm hoping next week sometime.

Here's my list as it stands now. Still lots to do, and every once in a while my breath catches in my chest as I think about it, but overall, I'm still feeling good.

Create Website Apply to Spain Program Medical Release Form for Ireland Apply to Ireland Program w/ deposit Confirm dates for India Figure out dates for Indonesia Send Jon info on Send Off Date Send group invite for Send Off Date Complete + Send India Visa Application Send out donation letter for India Book flights to India + Indonesia Book Indonesia Internal Flight Book Ireland Flight Book flight to Spain Book hotel in Spain for first night Book first night in Ireland Confirm visitors’ dates Buy tablet Create list of places to see in Ireland Send final payment for Ireland program Send out thank you letters for India Get traveler’s insurance Get Charles Schwab bank account Follow up on vaccinations for India Find roommate for house Email landlords for deposit information File taxes Garage sale? Figure out Mom’s trip Give notice at work Figure out prescription Move stuff to Tip + Jaelithe’s Move stuff to Brent + Christy’s Cancel car + renter’s insurance Transfer cable to roommates Take name off bills Put cell phone on hold