To-Do List // Book Ireland Flight

I crossed THE big one off the list today. The to-do-list item that by not doing it the next year would not be happening. Yep, I booked my flight. Logistically and financially things didn't work out completely in my favor, but in the long run, it'll be okay. Back in August I got a Chase credit card and a United Airlines credit card. I got the United one because I thought I'd be flying United over to Ireland, but as I did more research, American Airlines was actually a lot cheaper. By the time I got the American credit card (and earned the bonus miles), they wouldn't post to my account in time for me to book (I'd have been cutting it close in timing and in terms of whether the miles flights would have even been available still). I did some research as to when to book and the number of miles I'd need to book the flights I'd need, but it ended up not working out. Oh well. I'll still have the miles to use (maybe I'll be able to upgrade on my long flights?!), just not for this flight. (And Dan, before you say anything -- no I didn't want to risk it, I didn't want to take the chance that the miles would post to my account and the flights would still be available on time. :-))

But REGARDLESS, I am BOOKED! My flight to Ireland is in the books (okay, well, not technically, because according to, my ticket is still pending, but it's as good as purchased!).

I did it with very little fanfare, actually. I've been looking at them for so long that it was kind of like, okay, I just booked a flight. But, no, Rachel. You didn't book just any flight! You booked a flight to Ireland that has more than 100 days in between the departure dates! That's a BIG DEAL. This is happening. Wow. This is happening. Kinda speechless right now.

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