To Do List // Give Notice at Work

I did it. I gave notice.

It's done. And now it's completely real.

My boss knew right away -- I asked if he had a couple minutes and then said, "So I was going to do this tomorrow, but then Bill scheduled a meeting and knew I needed to tell you know." And before I could say anything else, he immediately said, "Oh no. No, no. Really?!" and covered his eyes, mock crying. I said, "Yeah." Then closed the door. We talked about my plans and how excited (and envious) he is for me, but also disappointed I'm leaving, etc. He also told me to contact him when I'm back, so I didn't burn any bridges or anything.

I also just told two of my coworkers who I work closely with -- they are both excited for me, but really just surprised. I think the guy who manages our project traffic flow is still in shock. But everyone is super encouraging and excited. There's lots of work ahead to finish things up, but it'll be worth it.

Phew, cross that one off my list!

Speaking of lists, I'll be posting another update of my list this weekend --- things are getting crossed off, baby!

Create Website Apply to Spain Program Medical Release Form for Ireland Apply to Ireland Program w/ deposit Confirm dates for India Figure out dates for Indonesia Send Jon info on Send Off Date Send group invite for Send Off Date Complete + Send India Visa Application Send out donation letter for India Book flights to India + Indonesia Book Indonesia Internal Flight Book Ireland Flight Book flight to Spain Book hotel in Spain for first night Book first night in Ireland Confirm visitors’ dates Buy tablet Create list of places to see in Ireland Send final payment for Ireland program Send out thank you letters for India Get traveler’s insurance Get Charles Schwab bank account Follow up on vaccinations for India Find roommate for house Send mom box of summer stuff Email landlords for deposit information File taxes Garage sale? Figure out Mom’s trip Give notice at work Figure out prescription Move stuff to Tip + Jaelithe’s Move stuff to Brent + Christy’s Cancel car + renter’s insurance Transfer cable to roommates Take name off bills Put cell phone on hold