To-Do List // More Things Crossed Off

Here we go! Get Traveler's Insurance

As of the end of January, I will no longer have normal health insurance, and honestly I'm not sure if I'm supposed to sign up for Obamacare or what. I'm not going to until I get back in July, so I'm just not going to worry about it. Either way, I am going to have traveler's insurance, which not only insures for major medical events, but also any lost or stolen items, trip cancellations/delays, as well as any evacuation services and whatnot. Of course you never want to actually use the insurance, but it's nice to know you have it. I did some comparisons through, but ultimately ended up going with as they had the best coverage. A lot of the coverages of the other places were more medical related, rather than travel related (i.e. not including a lost baggage coverage or higher coverage for cancelled flights, etc).  

It'll be great to have, if indeed I do have to use it. 

Sign Up for Charles Schwab Checking Account

This one isn't quite completed yet, as I don't actually have any money in the account yet, but it's set up. I chose to go with Charles Schwab since they reimburse any ATM fees, even internationally. As a lot of Europe still deals in a lot of cash, rather than credit, I'll be getting large amounts of cash out of my account (most likely weekly). To not have to worry about ATM fees will save me some money. 

Book India Hotel

I actually added this one to my list recently. Because of my team's detour to the Taj Majal before we start the clinics, I needed to book a hotel room in Delhi. I'll be arriving early morning on Saturday, we'll be going to the Taj Mahal on Sunday an then leave for the clinics on Monday. My aunts and uncles will be meeting up with me on Saturday evening. I'm hoping I can get an eary (and I mean early) Saturday morning checkin, otherwise I'll be hanging out in the lobby for a while!  

Figure Out Prescription

Thanks to the idea from a pharmacist friend I have, my prescription isn't as big of a deal as I thought it would be. Since I won't be insured for normal doctor visits and prescriptions with my traveler's insurance (and my thyroid disease is considered a preexisting condition), I wasn't sure what I was going to do about making sure I had enough of my daily thyroid medicine. Until Elizabeth, my pharmacist friend, said, well, why don't you just pay cash for it instead of going through insurance? Uh, I didn't know that was an option! Yep, as long as my doc wrote an RX for the amount I need and I don't go through insurance, I can get as much as I needed. Sweet! And thanks to Costco's wholesale pricing, I was able to get 250 pills (about 8 months worth) for about $30. (Full disclosure: I haven't picked up this prescription yet, but I did call Costco and ask for the price before I had my doctor send in the RX and the tech said it'd be about $32. If that's not the case, I'll let you know!)

Get Letter from Doctor with Test Results

Since I want to make sure I'm all set with my doctor issues, I asked my doctor to give me my latest blood test results as well as a copy of my latest prescription. Although he'll be available over email, I just want to make sure I'm covered if anything with my thyroid comes up. (It shouldn't as we have my dosage dialed in, but who knows.)

Book First Night in Ireland

I used to book my first two nights in Dublin (where I'm flying into). I'll be staying at Isaacs Hostel. It had good reviews, is close to an airport bus stop, as well as within walking distance to many local hot spots. And it was only $16 a night! I'll be sharing the room with 8 other women, which will be interesting! But, I'll have to get used to it as that's what I'll be doing for the majority of my traveling around time! 

Cancel Car + Renter's Insurance

I met with my insurance guy this week and let him know of my plans. He'll cancel my renter's insurance on Jan 23 and my car insurance will go to comprehensive coverage only (for a whopping $23 for six months!) on Feb 20. Sweet! Of course that means my car won't be able to be actually driven for those six months. I'm just asking that the people who are storing it will run it for 10 minutes or so a week. 


So with those things (and my other HUGE news earlier this week), here's what my list is looking like now:

Create Website Apply to Spain Program Medical Release Form for Ireland Apply to Ireland Program w/ deposit Confirm dates for India Figure out dates for Indonesia Send Jon info on Send Off Date Send group invite for Send Off Date Complete + Send India Visa Application Send out donation letter for India Book flights to India + Indonesia Book Indonesia Internal Flight Book Ireland Flight Book flight to Spain Book hotel in Spain for first night Book first night in Ireland Confirm visitors’ dates Buy tablet Create list of places to see in Ireland Send final payment for Ireland program Send out thank you letters for India Get traveler’s insurance Get Charles Schwab bank account Follow up on vaccinations for India Find roommate for house Send mom box of summer stuff Email landlords for deposit information File taxes Garage sale? Figure out Mom’s trip Give notice at work Figure out prescription Move stuff to Tip + Jaelithe’s Move stuff to Brent + Christy’s Cancel car + renter’s insurance Transfer cable to roommates Take name off bills Put cell phone on hold