Weekly Roundup // 10 Feb - 16 Feb

This week finished up my time in Indonesia and brought me back stateside. It's been a busy week, with fewer adventures and a lot more errand running.

Monday, 10 Feb: Today was market day. We visited the Salatiga street market and saw stalls and stalls of fresh fruit and veggies, and stalls and stalls of not-so-fresh chicken and beef. There is no health code here! It was pretty eye opening to see piles of meat sitting out in the sun with no refrigeration or anything to keep the meet fresh. Guess that's just how they do it here! We ran some errands after the market and met up with Melody, Elana's friend. While there I got bit by 15 mosquitos and was really angry about it. Thankfully the burning and itching wore off and all I was left with was 15 welts of varying sizes on my ankles and calves. Elana had a bad headache after lunch so we went home and took naps and I packed up my bags. Maria broke open a durian (not an easy task!) and I tried that for the first time. I wouldn't buy one for myself, but I probably wouldn't turn it down either. We finished the night with a game of Dominion and then it was time to say goodbye to Maria and call it a night.

Tuesday, 11 Feb: Initially we were going to see Elana's friend, Jen, but she was under the weather, so instead we had a low key morning before heading out to run some errands. I had bought a painting at a local gallery -- sounds fancy, but in actuality it cost 400,000 rupeas, or about $33 -- so we picked it up all packaged and ready to be carried onto the plane. We then went to a cafe and sat and soaked up our final hours together. It was almost time to say goodbye which neither of us wanted. Our driver drove us to the airport, and since Elana couldn't get into the airport without a ticket, we had to hug and say our goodbyes outside. Such sorrow to leave such a dear friend after such a fantastic week. I flew from Semarang to Jakarta and then Jakarta to Dubai. Pretty seamless travel all in all.

Wednesday, 12 Feb: This day lasted 38 hours. I left Jakarta at 12am and arrived in Seattle at 12pm with 26 hours of travel in between. The flights went well and it was nice to be on solid ground and breathe fresh air when I arrived in Seattle. Lydia picked me up and we headed to their house. I hit a hard, thick, bright red brick wall around 5:30pm where my body started shutting down and just wanted to be horizontal as quickly as possible. I forced myself to stay awake until 8pm before crashing about 1 minute after my head it the pillow.

Thursday, 13 Feb: The problem with jet lag is waking up at any hour unexpectedly. I woke up at midnight and back to sleep until 3:30am and was wide awake until about 9:30am then finally waking up for good at 11:30am. Not super fun. I don’t like feeling like I’m sleeping the day away. I had my final meeting with Jon (my career coach) and he was encouraging as we talked about the crazy adventure I’m about to embark on. After running some errands (and feeling like a walking zombie), I stopped to pick up my friend Suzanne from work and headed to Tip and Jaelithe’s for some party planning. It was great to see each of them and spend as much time with them as possible.

Friday, 14 Feb: Another bad sleeping night -- I was awake until 3:30am! I’m really starting to get sick of this. I did sleep until about 10:30, and was soon out the door to get more errands done. The list seems never ending! I then met up with my friend, Anna, and spent the afternoon and evening with her. I finally watched some Olympic action too!

Saturday, 15 Feb: Party day! Maggie celebrated her big 3-0 on Saturday. I headed to Maggie + Anna’s place (i.e. my old place) and prepared to leave for the day. The first stop was Regal Air, where Tip works as a flight instructor to get Maggie a flight lesson. However, the weather was really, really bad, so Tip suggested it’d be more enjoyable if she waited for another day. So, Maggie came to the hotel with us where we promptly kicked her over to the outlet malls to shop while we decorated the room. We got dolled up and headed to dinner and then gambled and danced the night away with a group of Maggie’s friends. This is a day that helped my jetlag! Staying up until 2 in the morning is what I’ve been doing anyway, so I might as well have fun while doing it!

Sunday, 16 Feb: Ugh, I think my body is rebelling from my night of fun. While I did not drink anything beyond two glasses of wine early in the evening, I still feel hungover. I think it has to be because of the smoky casino, loud talking, staying up late, and eating loads of chocolate. Just a guess. I headed to Tip + Jaelithe’s in the afternoon to just hang out and spend the night there. It was a relaxing night of watching some Olympics, a movie and going to bed reasonably early. I forced myself asleep at 1am since I wanted to get up at a decent hour.

This was a boring week compared to the last couple weeks! However with TWO DAYS left until I leave for Ireland, I’m starting to feel a little overwhelmed and nervous. I’m super excited too, but also not feeling super prepared. But really, can one ever feel really prepared for something like this?! Guess I'll find out!