Weekly Roundup // 21 April - 27 April

The answer to my One-Question Quiz will be in a post tomorrow. If you haven't guessed yet, leave a comment with your guess!  I figured I'd better get this one in before the week got any later. And, then you get to start your Friday tomorrow with a funny story. 

Monday, 21 April I worked in the Cork shop again. I worked with Evanne, the wife of the couple who owns the shop, and had some good conversations with her. She's trying to find a way to keep me here longer. Or at least find a way I can come back. :-) Eimear had a friend over in the evening so we all sat around and chatted around the kitchen table for a while, which I always enjoy.

Tuesday, 22 April This was the first of two days off in a row, so I did nothing. I was going to head up to Dublin for a couple days to go see Newgrange, but I didn't want to spend the money to get up there, so I decided to do that when I'm in Dublin before my family gets there in June. So, instead, I stayed in my pajamas all day. I had an article I had to write, so I got that done and sent off by the early afternoon, then from there I watched a movie, took a nap, and made dinner. My zucchini noodles with homemade spaghetti sauce and meatballs turned out quite well!

Wednesday, 23 April Last week I was a tourist in Cork, so this week I decided to be a tourist in Killarney. I drove in with Beth, as she was working in the Killarney shop and arrived around 10am. I didn't have a ton planned -- just my usual wandering. I ended up stopping by the tourist information and found a two hour walking tour in the National Park for €9. I found the meet up spot and met the other walkers -- a couple my age from LA, a guy from Dublin and then two people from Australia. Richard, our guide, arrived with his beautiful Irish Setter, Runa. I wish I could have taken that dog home! It was nice to get my dog fix for a bit. The tour was nice -- we had a mix of rain and sun. For a bit, it was pouring rain, but soon the sun came out and you wouldn't have thought you were soaking wet 20 minutes previous. The tour ended up being about three hours, so I got my money's worth! From there I wandered around the town a little more, getting lost in the little winding streets. Popping into a shop when the rains came. It was a lovely day. I really love Killarney. I said if I ever moved to Ireland full time, I'd either live in Cork or Killarney. Beautiful places... both are starting to feel like home. I ended up walking more than 10.5 miles! I was spent! I caught up with Beth at 6pm as the shop closed and rode back with her. On the ride up and back we saw about five rainbows. No pots of gold or leprechauns though.


Thursday, 24 April I headed back to Killarney to work in the shop. I grabbed the 8:30 bus and made it to the shop with a few minutes to spare. The shop did relatively well in terms of sales. I grabbed the half 6 bus and got back into the city at 8pm. Beth had texted me that she and Eimear were headed to a show in the city centre and whether I wanted to come. I of course said yes and met them at the pub when I got into the city. I then had my dinner of Tayto Cheese + Onion potato chips and a Carlsberg beer. Then I topped it off with a dessert of Guinness. Healthy, huh? I'd like to say that was the first time I had beer for dinner, but it isn't. The show was a gig of a friend of a friend. The music was pretty good and it was nice to hang out with my housemates and meet some new people too. We didn't get home until about 12:30, so I headed straight to bed when we got home -- it was a long day!

Friday, 25 April I got my phone back! Apparently the battery was busted, even though I just had the battery replace in August! I love you, iPhones and Apple, but your batteries suck. Even now, the battery continues to drain quite fast. It's good to have it back though... It was a nice break from always having connection in my pocket, but I did feel disconnected from the people I love back home.

Saturday, 26 April I worked in the Cork shop again. After work I wandered around a little bit but didn't feel like just heading home to do nothing. I texted Beth to see what she was up to and she said nothing. I headed home then to figure out what we wanted to do for the night. We ended up going to see the movie Divergent. I didn't know anything about the books, so Beth gave me a little recap as we were headed in the theater. On the way, I also shared one of the best internet gems... Ever. This review. If you haven't read it (and the many others like it), you're in for a treat. A hilarious, somewhat-graphic treat. I was reading it aloud as Beth was driving, and we were laughing so hard I could hardly finish and Beth could hardly drive!

Sunday, 27 April Beth and I decided that if it wasn't raining when we woke up, we'd go to the Church of Ireland service in Blarney. We woke up to a gorgeous day and walked down to the service. We arrived a little late and made a clamour in as the other ten(!) people in the congregation stared. Oops. I knew it'd be small, but I didn't think it'd be that small! The service was fine and the sermon fine also. After the obligatory tea and biscuits, Beth and I headed to The Mills cafe where we had lunch while sitting outside people watching. The tourist season is right at the start, so the tour busses are starting to make more consistent appearances at the Blarney Castle. So many people kissing the Stone. (Something I haven't done nor am I sure I ever want to do--oops, for those that guessed Kiss the Blarney Stone as the answer to the One-Question Quiz... sorry, not correct.) We also decided we're going to take a tour to Antartica. It's only $10,000. No big deal, right? It's actually not too bad when you consider it's 21 days and everything is covered. Although I'm pretty sure you're not staying at the Ritz once you get there. The rest of the day was spent cleaning, napping and chatting with a few people. A perfect Sunday. Oh, we watched the documentary Father of Lights, too... it was pretty remarkable to see, yet again, the amazing work God is doing through his people in the world. 

Overall, it was a lovely week. A good mix of work, fun, friends and laziness.

After this week though, I only have four more weeks in Ireland with Unbound. I don't want to think about it.