Weekly Roundup // 26 May - 01 Jun

Well, this week's Weekly Roundup is quite exciting! I'm traveling again, so I actually have something to write about beyond work/volunteering.  I said goodbye to Cork for a bit -- a proper goodbye was to frolick in a field of course! In case you missed the video, it's at the end of this post

Well, here we go!

Monday, 26 May :: My last official day of volunteering was Saturday so I had a few days to wrap things up before heading out on Tuesday. So I spent Monday packing and chatting with my dear friend, Carly. I made my way to the city centre and met up at the shop at 6pm to make my way to Padraig and Evanne's place. We were having a "till you come back" party with Indian curry. The food was amazing and the conversation pretty great too. I even fed the lambs one last time (before I eat them in October ... ) It made me excited to come back in October and work more with this group of people. 

Tuesday, 27 May :: I finished packing and went for a walk (and frolick) in the fields by my house. It was a glorious day and I was glad I was able to spend some of it outside. Beth took me to the city and I hopped on a bus to Dublin for my early flight on Wednesday. Knowing I'd be spending several of the following days with people, I splurged and booked a hotel, rather than a hostel, near the airport. I wasn't able to enjoy it too much considering I got to the hotel at 10pm and had to be at the airport by 6am. It was nice nonetheless.

My body outline after frolicking

Wednesday, 28 May :: Apparently when I booked my Aer Lingus flight for this Wednesday, I had amazing foresight. When I got to the airport I learned that the next day, the employees of Aer Lingus were going on strike! All the flights would have been cancelled! Thank you Jesus! So, I made it on my flight fine and flew to Munich, arriving around 10am. I checked into my hostel and left to wander. I hadn't done a ton of research in what to see or do, so I pulled out the map, and began exploring. I unfortunately had quite a bad migraine most of the evening, so after getting a sausage and pretzel (and a beer, of course), I went to bed. I slept for 11 hours!

Thursday, 29 May :: I had another day in Munich, so I decided to pay a visit to the Dachua Concentration Camp Memorial Site -- what a sobering day. This was the only camp that had been open for the entirety of the war, and a place where more than 41,000 lives were lost. It was remarkable to see how they created it into a beautiful memorial. I had met two American couples while on the tour, and they invited me to dinner with them (and they ended up paying for me too!) -- we went to the Hofbrauhaus which was an experience! We happened to be going on a national holiday (seemingly a version of a Father's Day), so many of the tables were full with men in liderhosen who'd been there most of the afternoon. There was traditional music playing, and lots of revelry to be seen! The food and beer were quite delicious too! I ended up really liking Munich and would love to come back to visit more of the surrounding areas. 

This is the square where the prisoners had to stand for role call twice a day.  They'd stand there for hours at a time until every one was accounted for. If someone died during the day, his body would be dragged to where he should have stood before he was disposed of. What horrors happened within these gates. 

Friday, 30 May :: My last morning in Munich, I laid low and ended up getting to the train station early and watched people for a bit. My train took about two and a half hours to Bamberg, and I passed much more beautiful landscape than I thought Germany would include. I had pictured flat and brown for some reason, but really it was quite lush and hilly. I did learn from my friend that northern Germany is a very different landscape and is more flat. Micki (a gal I met in Killarney, Ireland and drove to Cork with in March) was waiting on the platform for me. We headed to her place to drop off my stuff and then walked to the centre of Bamberg. We were in the heart of Bavaria! It was a cute town and kind of what I had expected Bavaria to be like. Although, it is nothing like the over-the-top Leavenworth in Washington! We grabbed dinner -- stuffed ourselves silly! And then wandered around and grabbed a few beers. 

Saturday, 31 May :: We headed back into the city for a walking tour -- it was a self guided audio tour and honestly it was quite boring and not worth the 8.50EU, but it was still a decent way to see the city. We grabbed lunch at a great biergarten on the top of a hill - we sat outside and soaked up some sun, which was glorious. We were fully exhausted by this time and decided to rent a few movies and watch one before heading out again in the evening. We watched The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, or rather, The Tributes of PanAm: Catching Fire as it's called in Germany.  

Sunday, 01 May :: Although she's lived in Bamberg for three years (she grew up in the Stuttgart area), she hadn't explored Nuremberg, so we headed on the train there to see what it had to offer. It was a nice walking city, although beyond the churches and the castle, there wasn't much to see. We had wanted to go to a place that was once the Nazi Rallying Ground, but it turned out to be way outside the city and not within walking distance. Oh well -- it still had some fun things to offer. We headed back to the flat -- once again, completely exhausted. And we ended up watching two movies that could not have been more opposite each other ... Frozen (which I actually enjoyed) and The Wolf of Wall Street (that I questioned why we even finished it). Wow. I felt like I needed to take a shower after that! 

These are just pictures I took on my phone. I think I'll have to wait until I'm  back in the states before doing proper photo posts ... patience, dear friends.

It was a great week exploring Germany, and I can't wait to go back! Micki and I are in talks of trying to get me down there around Christmas to experience the Christmas Markets, but I'm not sure that'll work this year -- maybe I can work it out. Hmm...

Anyway, I'm typing this from Barcelona right now. I've only been in the city for a few hours, but I'm already loving it! So different and unique! Hang on until next week to see what I experienced. I'm hoping to do another post this week about being "brave" ... something I rarely feel.