Weekly Roundup // 28 Apr - 4 May

Another week come and gone, which means only two more full weeks with the Unbound team ... two more weeks of 'living in Ireland.' My time here has been rich and meaningful -- but definitely too short. 

Monday, 28 April I worked in Cork today and had a pretty basic day. Nothing too extraordinary to note. Except maybe that I love Cork. It's a vibrant city and it's near water, which is about as much as I need some days. 

Tuesday, 29 April Well, this happened. But I'm sure you're all sick of hearing about my driving adventures, so I'll just leave it at that. I spent the evening then chatting with my housemates. 

Wednesday, 30 April Since I wasn't feeling quite ready to drive on my own to Killarney, I took the bus one last time. I really did love that trip -- a great time to read, sleep, or just stare out the window admiring the loveliness that is Ireland. I took the half five bus back to Cork and met up with Beth to have dinner at a restaurant next to our Cork shop. The Gourmet Burger Bistro has been on my list for a while, so I'm glad I was finally able to go! And wow, that was a great burger! I got mine with Cashel Blue Cheese, which was so deliciously creamy. 

Thursday, 01 May I was in Cork again and spent most of the day in the basement of the shop organizing the used books. It was nice though because I got to chat with Margaret who's a volunteer that comes in every Thursday. I then skyped with Jon, my career coach... it was nice to catch up with him and talk about next steps in my journey. Lots to think about -- lots of ways in which God is working. 

Friday, 02 May My day off! I spent the morning quietly -- doing some journaling, time in prayer, and time in the Word. It was a gray, rainy day (of course! Because it'd been beautiful all week until my day off!!), so I stayed in, stared at the cows (random, but I did! I kept thinking about how God provides for them and how he's the ultimate Sustainer... something I needed for that day), and read for a few hours. I had been fighting a headache most of the day, so at 4pm, I decided to lay down for a bit. I woke up two and half hours later to Beth knocking on my door! I was so disoriented! I couldn't believe I had slept that long! I went with Beth to an event at her church that included worship time and the sharing of some testimonials. It was great to see how God is working in these peoples lives, and how he's moving in the city of Cork. 

Saturday, 03 May We had an early start to the day as it was the first Saturday of the month, which meant Men's Breakfast. As part of their ministry, Unbound hosts a full Irish fry for the men in the churches around Cork. We got to the church early to set up, and start preparing the food. I was thankful for some leftover sausages! Although I was bummed there wasn't any leftover pudding (the black and white kind) -- that stuff is good! The day in the Cork shop was fruitful and we were serve quite a few customers. Despite my long nap the previous day and a good night's sleep, I was still quite tired and ended up watching a movie with a housemate and went to sleep around 10pm. 

Sunday, 04 May I ended up staying in for church this day. I had every intention of going but couldn't get out of bed. (I realized my sluggishness was due to my thyroid disease flaring up again ... since I can't alter my medication here, I'll have to just take care of my body naturally -- namely, avoiding sugar and gluten. Hopefully the symptoms will dissipate shortly.) Instead, I listened to a few sermons online, had some devotional time, and cleaned my room. I left the house at 2:20 to walk to catch the 2:39 bus. That would give me plenty of time to catch the 3:30 bus to Killarney. Yeah, except when the Blarney bus doesn't arrive until 3pm! Being a half hour trip, I was sure I'd be needing to catch the 4:30 bus, but I was able to sprint off the bus and run to the station. Yeah, I was that girl running for the bus! But I made it! I then met up with Beth in Killarney to drive the Burlingo back to Blarney.

That's my week!  Sorry I don't have more pictures for ya!