Weekly Roundup // Fail

This week was weird. And it went way too fast. And unfortunately I didn't record any of it for my weekly roundup. So, after weeks of traveling and staying on top of things, my weekly roundup is taking a one-week break.

The week was weird because it was boring. I worked and headed home most evenings. I had hoped to stay in town a couple nights but it was a blustery week with rain and wind, so I took the option of riding home with my housemates rather than walking around town, taking the bus and walking 15 minutes home in the rain. But I learned my lesson -- I need to stay in town and do my own thing at least two times a week... Three would be better.

Here are the only things I did of note this week: Tuesday: I had the day off so I went for a long walk and did some grocery shopping. I did a Skype call with Carly in LA while she was on her way to work. (I particularly loved this because this is what we'd do when I was on the states -- talk every Tuesday morning while she was on her way to work and I was getting ready for work.) I also did video chats with Suzanne in Seattle and my sister Rebekah in Kansas City. In the evening in went down to a pub in town (Blarney) to watch a traditional Irish session. It was fun and had some great music and spontaneous dancing (not by me, of course).

Thursday: I video chatted with my mom and sisters to plan our Ireland trip -- things are starting to come together!

Friday: the shop was selling books at a film screening of Heidi Baker's (a missionary on Mozambique) film 'Compelled by Love.' I volunteered to help out, so another volunteer and I with one of the owners of the shop set that up and also watched the film. It was good -- inspiring as to how the Holy Spirit is working in her life and how she's open to the voice of God.

See? Beyond catching up with some people I love... Not much happened.

I think part of the crappiness of my week was feeling claustrophobic -- my introverted side was not being nurtured and I needed space away from people, which wasn't readily available this week. Next week will be better -- I have a few things planned on the calendar (including seeing an aunt and uncle from the states!!) and I'll be sure to get some needed alone time. 

Anywho -- that's where I stand this week.