Weekly Roundup // March 31 - April 6

So, I'm quite late in posting last week's weekly roundup! I actually had it written on time, but then we didn't have wifi at the house this week, so I wasn't able to post it. Excuses, excuses.  Here we go: 

Monday: I worked in Killarney with Beth. Before we headed out, we stopped in the shop to pick up some bookcases from the Cork shop to bring to the Killarney shop. However, the bookcases were a bit long, so we had to push the passenger seat up as far as it would go. This of course wasn't the most conducive for my 6-foot frame! I was a bit scrunched! It was an hour trip and it was a nice relief when we finally made it to Killarney! After work we went grocery shopping (which wasn't the best because we were both really hungry! So a few extras made it into the cart including a can of cheese and onion Pringles that we opened on the way home.). Our housemates had dinner waiting for us when we got home and I called it an early night and went to bed around 10.

Tuesday: I had Tuesday off. I didn't do a ton as the weather wasn't great. I talked with Carly in the early afternoon, went for a walk, then facetimed with Anna (and chase and Riley of course!). I watched an episode of Suits (very good show!) and then got dinner ready. We were pretty low on supplies, but I whipped up a quiche with a grated potato crust. It came out pretty well! Since it's Tuesday, I headed down to the trad session at Blarney Castle hotel with Carla and had a pint of Smithwicks while listening to the great music.

Wednesday: I worked in the Cork shop again. I'm finishing up the data entry project (slowly but surely!) and it's coming together well. I stayed in town after work for a bit and sat in a cafe and got caught up on some writing and computer stuff.

Thursday: I worked in Cork again, wandered around after work and then!! I met up with my aunt and uncle from Rhode Island! My aunt had a work trip in Dublin, so my uncle joined her and they made a trip out of it! They were kind enough to make it down to Cork and have dinner. We met at 8pm at the Strasbourg Goose and it was delicious! It was a set menu for €21 which included a starter (I got a goat cheese ciabatta that was so good! It had a balsamic reduction and pesto sauce on it ... Yum.), a main course -- I got the rib eye with mash, carmelized onions topped with blue cheese and provolone. It came with a side of potato gratin and greenbeans. Amazing. And then to finish it off, a dessert was included and got a warm chocolate fudge cake. All this topped off with sharing a bottle of wine. We were rolling out of there! They were then kind enough to drive me to my house, rather than having to take the bus. Overall it was so great to see them and what a great treat!

Friday: I went to bed early on Friday since I was working in the Killarney shop and that requires getting up super early. So, had a low key Friday night after working in the Cork shop. 

Saturday: I was in the Killarney shop on my own for the first time! Getting to the Killarney shop is kind of a trek, but overall it's not too bad. You have to leave the house by 7am to get to the bus stop for the 7:23 bus. You then get to Cork City Centre around 7:55. Then you wait around for #40 bus to Tralee which departs at 8:30. That bus stops at the Killarney Outlet Centre between 9:55 and 10:15 -- doesn't seem to be the most consistent bus. So, after leaving at 7 in the morning, you're opening the shop around 10am. Then you do the reverse on the way home! Overall it turns out to be a long day. Anyway, my day in the shop went fine. It wasn't the busiest of days, but I had some customers. One of our regulars stopped by around 11 and treated me to a breakfast toastie. I didn't know what it was, so I said sure... Thinking it'd at least have an egg on it. Nope -- just bread and three kinds of meat! Reason #42 of why I love Ireland. :-)

Sunday: another day off! I have had every Sunday off, which has been really nice. I woke up to wind and rain outside and getting up for church was one of the last things I wanted to do. However, God had other plans considering by the time I actually got out of bed, the sun was out and the clouds were dispersing. I went to Calvary Cork church and really enjoyed it. It's quite small, but I did like the sermon and worship. I'll probably go back. However, the service ran quite long and I missed the 1pm bus back to Blarney. I wandered around town for an hour, which was not bad considering it was a beautiful day! I caught the 2pm bus and then called Elana on my way home -- I love technology!! I was in Ireland talking with my friend in Indonesia on the phone! What?! Crazy. It was so lovely to catch up with her. We talked for about an hour before Skype decided to act up and gave us the boot. I didn't do too much in the afternoon and enjoyed a free evening. 

Overall it was a great week! This week has been great too, but that'll have to wait until next week... just hopefully not next week Friday!