Weekly Roundup // Shoot. Shoot. Shoot.

If you've been following this little blog for any length of time, you'll know that time is moving way too quickly for me here in Ireland. So that (again) is my excuse for the fact that it's been two weeks since I've posted a weekly roundup post. Ack. Rather than going day by day, I'll do the highlights from each week and then hopefully get back on track. 

07 April - 13 April

Tuesday I was working in the Killarney shop. For some reason, on my way back to Cork, my phone decided it was sick of working and crashed every time I tried to turn it on. When I got home I plugged it in and it decided to work. The whole point of having a mobile phone is to, you know, be mobile, but my phone disagreed with that arrangement and would only work when it was plugged in. Great.  

Wednesday I took a bit of a tourist day and walked to Blackrock Castle. It's just outside of Cork City Centre and was about a 5km walk with some nice hills throughout. It was a bit of a trek, but definitely worth it! What a beautiful castle and it was a great day for a walk. 


Thursday A fellow volunteer was leaving, so we had a little going away party for her at Padraig and Evanne's house--they own the shop. We had great Indian food (something I've missed since leaving India!) and some good laughs. I really like that group of people. 

Friday Not wanting to stay in, Beth, Carla, and I went to see the movie Noah. Wow. What a horrible movie. I've been disconnected from everything, especially Hollywood things, since leaving the States, so I hadn't really followed what any hype of this movie. I assumed it was based on the biblical account of Noah and his family. Yeah, not so much. I was laughing out loud at some points and my face held a confused expression most of the time. I couldn't believe what was happening on screen. Beyond the fact that is was no where near biblical (there are ten stone creatures that helped Noah build the ark), it was just a badly made movie. We left the movie with a "what the hell just happened?" discussion. 

Sunday HURLING! I had never seen anything with the GAA, but I'm so glad I got to experience a hurling game! It was a blast. At one point I told Beth to ignore the sounds coming out of my mouth because they consisted of "oo!" "ow!" and sucking in my breath -- that game is physical and those guys are not wearing much protection of any kind, and swinging wooden bats (named hurleys) around! But it was great fun and it was a close match towards the end. I hope it's not the last game I see! We were celebrating Beth's passing the Irish driving test (it's pretty ruthless), so we also went to a microbrewery after the match and sat outside on the patio sipping our pints. 

14 April - April 20

Monday This was my first day without a phone. I was stubborn last week and hoped my phone would magically heal itsel, however, electronics usually don't tend to resurrect themselves. I finally brought my phone into the menders and hoped I'd get it back within the week. Spoiler alert -- I haven't gotten it back yet. 

Friday I hadn't spent too much time in Cork just exploring the parts beyond Patrick Street (the Main Street in the city) so today was the day. I walked to St. Finn Barre's cathedral and from there took a walking tour I found. I walked all.over. Unfortunately I forgot my pedometer so I have no idea how much I actually walked! But from the state of my legs and body when I got home, I'd say about 8 miles. Wowza. I had a great lunch at The Farmgate Cafe in the English Market -- a roast of bacon loin (didn't know that was a thing) sandwich with a dessert of Banoffee pie -- both were delicious. It was kind of nice since I didn't have my phone and I hadn't brought a book or anything so I really just had to sit there and people watch. Kind of strange, but kind of nice. I did journal a little bit, but overall just sat in the restaurant without any distractions. I stopped by the Cork shop for a bit to see how things were going over there, then left soon after to head to the Good Friday service at St. Finn Barre's. However, the fellow in the cathedral earlier in the day gave me the wrong time and what I thought was a 7pm service was in fact an 8pm service. I was already exhausted and the thought of wandering around for another hour (after 7 hours of wandering by this point!), I'd had enough. And since it was Good Friday, and there were no pubs open to grab a pint -- Ireland becomes a dry country on Good Friday -- I decided to catch the bus home. However. And this is a big however. I didn't realize that no one would be at my house, so when I turned down the lane, it hit me that I don't have keys. Yep, I was locked out of my house. Grand. At one point we had keys in the garage, but those got moved, so I was indeed completely locked out. I'm thankful it was a lovely night, albeit a little chilly, so I grabbed a towel that was drying on the line and laid on the lawn for an hour and a half until my housemate, Eimear, came home. I watched the stars come out which was nice, although when I lay outside under the stars I'm usually a bit more prepared with blankets and a hot beverage! Overall, not the way I wanted to spend the night, but I did use it as a reflective time. 

Sunday Easter Sunday! This wasn't my usual Easter as I was helping out at a bookstall in a neighboring town, Mallow, with Beth. We left at 7:30am and didn't return until about 3pm. It was a full day, but it was absolutely beautiful outside, so it was lovely to be outside and help out. The church we were supporting was very grateful for the help and we had a decent take for the day. It was actually a street fair type deal, so there was plenty of people watching to be had. Plus fair food! I had a pulled pork sandwich and caramel corn. The BBQ sandwich was actually decent! Although they offered to put lettuce and tomato on it, which I declined, those do not belong on a BBQ sandwich! However, I did accept the crispy onions and the jalapenos ... now, that was a great addition! Yum. Comfort food! Beth and I got home around 3pm and made an Easter dinner. It turned out pretty well! We had ham, scalloped potatoes, roasted veggies and sauteed asparagus, rounded out with a bottle of Rose wine and homemade chocolate cake for dessert. It was definitely a good food day! It didn't much feel like Easter though, which is strange. 


Well, there you have it. Two weeks in one recap. I'll try to get better about these updates. I wonder how people write posts everyday!! I can hardly get one in every week!

I thought I'd add a something a little extra this week ... my current bests:

The best thing I've listened to:  The new needtobreathe album, of course! Holy smokes, this album is ridiculous! It's so great. It came out on Tuesday and I feel I have the songs memorized already. Oh, and the song Multiplied -- gah! so amazing. Check it out here:


These songs (and the official videos) are pretty great too. Can you tell they're my favorite band?! I'm bummed I'm missing them in Seattle (May 8), but hopefully I'll be able to see them again soon. 



The best thing I've read: The Four-Hour Work Week. Yup, trying to find how to not go back to the 9-5. I'm determined. I'm not one at all to read business books, but this is an easy read and relevant to where I am in life. 

The best thing I ate: Banoffe pie. Yum! Beth said to make this, they slowly boil a can of sweetened condensed milk for about three hours at which point it becomes a sort of caramel sauce. Then it's layered into a biscuit pie crust, topped with bananas and then with whipped cream. Wow. 

The best thing I saw: I'm usually not much of a cathedral person. They aren't the first things I go to, nor go into, when I'm in a city. However, St. Finn Barre's took my breathe away. I couldn't stop taking pictures of it and just sat and stared at it for a while. It really is a work of art. 

My favorite photo I've taken this week: 

unedited (straight off the camera):