Weekly Roundup // Yup... it's been three weeks

It's been a routine three weeks with bursts of intrigue and revelry. Those terms are leaning a bit toward the dramatic, but I gotta make it seem exciting. I'm trying to think what the last three weeks have even held! There really hasn't been too much excitement, except for this week -- but here a few details.

A few weeks back, Beth and I decided to skip church (ah!) and participate in a world record breaking attempt -- the largest known Welly Run! So exciting, right?! Well -- it wasn't super exciting since we were walking on pavement (where wellies are not needed) and it wasn't a run, but a 1km walk. It was still entertaining and we can say we were part of breaking a world record (because yes, we did break it!).

Since we drove all the way out to Killarney for this run, we decided to stay in the town and explore a bit. Since it was ridiculously beautiful, we hit up the Gap of Dunloe. We walked a bit to get to a bridge and then sat and had lunch prior to heading back to Blarney. 

Our housemate, Eimear, was hosting a bible study at the house, so we made it back for that. It was a good night that included some great conversation and insight.

Beyond that adventure, there has been a lot of preparations for my leaving as well as discussions about whether or not I'm going to come back. I won't share details here quite yet, but let's just say there have been talks and lots of prayers.

Then on Sunday, my good friends from Seattle, Elizabeth and Elisa came into town! It's been great having a bit of home here, but also strange to have my two worlds colliding. The powers that be were gracious enough to let me have Tuesday and Wednesday off, so we explored the Ring of Kerry as well as took a trip to the Skelligs!

We've been blessed with great weather, so the roads were clear and the skies a bright blue!

Here are a few of the pics I took, although I'll have to do a photo dump one of these days. I think it's due.

These pics were all from my iPhone. One of these days I'll do a big camera post, but that will entail actually organiziing and processing those images. Yeah, not sure when that will happen. 

It's almost time for me to be a tourist again -- I leave for Germany on Wednesday (and I know zero German words) and then for Spain the following Monday (where I know maybe 10 Spanish words). Adventures are sure to ensue!