What I'm Really Looking Forward To

I know I'm not the only one questioning how it's February already... crazy how fast January went. I am looking forward to February, mainly due to my trip back to the States! I leave in less than 2 weeks and I feel I haven't even thought about it. But, it's coming and I am excited... although is it bad that I'm mainly excited for the food I get to eat?! I mean, I'm excited to see family and friends, but I can talk to them as often as I can on the phone, text and Skype... but as much as I wish technology would keep up, there isn't a way to get good Thai food transported over here.

So, here's a list of the food I will be consuming as quickly as humanly possible once I get to either Seattle or San Diego:

  • Thai -- Pad Kee Mao
  • Sushi -- Spicy Tuna Roll, Spider Roll, Nigiri
  • Vietnamese -- Pho, Banh Mi
  • Mexican -- anything
  • Baja -- Rubio's Fish Burrito
  • American -- In + Out Burger w/ extra crispy fries
  • Home Cooking -- anyone who will cook for me!!

Yep, that'll do it for me -- I'll come back to Ireland (full disclosure: totally just typed 'I'll come back home' ... weird) weighing a bit more, but I'll be satisfied!!